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Unlike conventional fixed screens, Phantom’s window screens won’t get in the way of your view — they retract out-of-sight when not in use. Giving you protection from insects, shade from the sun and privacy, they’re discreet and will match with your home’s design.

Phantom serene retractable window screens
Phantom Screen for tilt n turn windows

Fits most window types

Our screens fit nearly all window types including casement, awning, single & double-hung, sliding and tilt & turn windows

Colors & mesh

Signature colors or custom match including wood grain. Mesh options for insect protection, shade and privacy – even block out.

Prestige wood finished window screens in application.

Mesh retention

System helps prevent the mesh being blown out of tracks in light breezy conditions.

Porch screened in with oversize Serene window screens.
Retractable window screens let you take in your view.


We can do everything from screen small windows to large picture windows

Mounting options

Depending on the window our screens can be installed on either the interior or exterior of the frame. Recessed installation options are also available.

Window screens that retract out of sight.

Professionally installed

Our factory-trained installation teams are all Phantom Screens experts.